Julia Weiden

About Me

It's impossible to imagine a time when I wanted to be anything other than a meteorologist. Studying the science of the weather has been a lifelong passion, and it is my goal to spread my enthusiasm about the sky and hopefully teach others a little something about the way it works!


I am a Meteorologist at NewsChannel 9, the A
BC affiliate in Syracuse, NY. My shift includes all of the weekend newscasts: morning, evening, and night.

Weekends are all about weather, but I love participating in community events during the week. The picture on the left was taken at Alliance Bank Stadium, where I threw the first pitch at "Ladies Night" for the Syracuse Chiefs. I also volunteer as a dog runner for the SPCA and instruct cardio kickboxing classes at Syracuse University. Channel 9 has taken notice of my love for exercise, and allows me to express it on our weekday lifestyles show, where I run a fitness segment called "Julia's Gym Time."

Apart from forecasting, teaching about how the weather works brings me the greatest enjoyment. I love visiting classrooms to encourage students to learn more about meteorology, and I act as an Admissions Ambassador to my alma mater to meet with students who have applied to study at Cornell University.

How it Began...

Nearly every meteorologist can pinpoint the moment they knew they wanted to study weather for the rest of their lives. For me, it wasn't one single event, but a series of storms that led me to choose my career path. I wouldn't be able to begin this story without mentioning Hurricane Bob of 1991, which knocked a tree clean onto my family's Long Island home. My first severe weather experience at just the age of three.

Most notable after that was a powerful storm that hit while my family and I were at the beach saying farewell to summer. Wind gusts launched plastic furniture, sent beach umbrellas airborne, and knocked out electricity for the remainder of the day. It turns out, that derecho had traveled across the Northeast and weakened significantly before reaching the ocean. Central New Yorkers will remember that as the Labor Day Storm of 1998.

I could go on like this with stories of countless storms filled with wind and lightning, even one particularly strong one that produced a small tornado while I was at summer camp. Needless to say, I was hooked and my fate was sealed- I was going to be a meteorologist.

Education and Experience

I have a bachelor of science in Atmospheric Science from Cornell University. Through my undergraduate years I held an internship at a meteorological consulting firm, where I assisted in long-range, site-specific forecasting. It wasn't until after graduation that I was bitten by the television bug.

I had the opportunity to assistant teach a continuing education course for teachers who were interested in including meteorology as part of their curriculum. While teaching, I also interned at News 4 NY, the NBC station in New York City. There, I learned on-air forecasting from some of the best in the business, like Chief Meteorologist Janice Huff.

After my internship ended I briefly acted as a fill-in meteorologist in Elmira, NY before accepting my first full time on-air position at NewsChannel 9 in Syracuse.

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